4S International Values

Our success is measured by the quality of services provided throughout every step of the Student Journey



Our Foundation

Initially founded on March 1st, 1993 by Samir Awdi in Coral Springs, Florida, United States of America, 4S International continued to evolve and expand to specialize in all aspects of technology services and solutions for Higher Education especially in the space of ERP, SIS and CRM. Newly Branded and Relaunched as 4S International Solutions. Strategic Scalable Sustainable Smart International Solutions designed for Higher Education

Our Goal

Our goals are to inform students with relevant data, provide innovative solutions and enhance enrollments for educational institutions

Our vision

Our vision at 4S International is to become the most reliable reference for students, and the most innovative partner for educational institutions


Goal and Vision


Mission and Values

Our Mission

Our mission is to continuously innovate and pave the way for students to be the best they can be and for educational institutions to give the best they can give using the latest and greatest technologies and methodologies

Our Values

Our core values are Honesty, Innovation, Integrity, Passion and Success